Boxful of Marbles

If I had a boxful of marbles, I’d build a tiny axe

Then I’d go to the garden and I’d fill the cracks in the trunks;

The mosaic of timbers and marbles I’d put back in the box

And the box I’d put in my rucksack, before hitting the road.

I’d walk and I’d walk until the clouds tap my feet

I’d find me a place where there lie no lies and deceit. 

And when the night settles down I’d find me a place to rest

And with the marbles and the timbers I’d build me somewhere else.

With a boxful of marbles, I could build me a castle;

Or I could plant a massive forest, where all the fruit shine like diamonds.

But in all honesty, I’d probably just pick a stick and outline in the sand;

And everywhere I’m feeling lost, I’d put down a couple marbles.

Once the sunset arises and the light would find its way to me,

I’d show it my plannings; and hopefully, it would water their insufficiencies.

I’d wait for three nights, and once the marbles sink down underground

I’d pick up my rucksack and I’d find my way back home.

In my heart, I dearly hope for and wish—

That when I come back home, I’d find me a bucket of honesty.

I’d build me an honest world, for us honest people living in it

And one day I’d wake up and see the marbles back up beneath my feet.

Under me a boxful of marbles; and what an odd notion that would be

And yet I keep waiting and waiting for nothing but these marbles to come to me.

© Michal Rotko

Photo by The Ian on Unsplash

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