Oh Destiny

Many moons past, and many oceans crossed

There stood a lady; Destiny, she was called.

She was fair and kind, but also vicious and scary;

Her eyes always watched; her hand, softly guiding.

There were a man and a woman, a pair of young souls

Dancing under moonlight, they whispered an oath;

One to never be broken, but yet unfulfilled

A hope of a promise, a wisp of serendipity. 

Unheard to those unconfined by her, Destiny,

It didn’t exist outside of their hearts;

And when a breath was to be one of a last,

It remained etched to the remains of a dirt path.

The tracks washed away by walks of time and of rain,

And the memory was lost, yet to be reclaimed;

Moons, a handful beyond, would gather up this promise—

A piece they kept for themselves; the rest, they left to flourish.

A lifetime would pass, before the dust ever settled

There were a man and a woman, dancing their rhythm;

But when she came to grant the wish of her, Oh Destiny,

The telltales dissipated; the moments, all perished.

The tapping of the rain announced his, descent;

And the tapping of shoes explained his, restraint

And he, Sibil, showed the mercy of this act

But Destiny was angry, and she broke both of their hearts.

The man and the woman got lost in the sands,

So a moon and another donated their halves;

They picked up the grains and they stored them in a box,

A lifetime and another, they’ve kept it, tightly locked.

Once it was safe to go out, the promise escaped,

Destiny gave chase, as it skipped from pair to a pair;

She cursed the mercy of wind, each time that it’s slipped away—

He, Sibil, had more of a patience, and awaited his case.

Once the promise was settled, he took out his scythe,

But before they were reaped, she has taken their eyes;

She went into hiding, held them close to her chest

But Sibil was eternal, and time was his reign.

At last he found her, as it would pertain;

He took away that flame, threw it to the mercy of the air.

The rain that whisper has drowned on its whim,

And the promise—snuffed out, like her, Oh Destiny.

And a lifetime and another and a dozen more to care,

Have passed on quiet waters; there were, no remains.

Except the piece on the moon and the trail in the box,

And the taste of dust and the sound of a song;

Under moonlight, a man and a woman intoned their farewells—

An oath they delivered, one that wasn’t meant to remain.

And Destiny, she watched, and Sibil, he took his place

The wind was their rhyme; the shadows, their restrains.

When the silence took place, they have both contemplated;

As in the sands remained her, Destiny—and him, Oh Sibil.

There was a place between places, where their time was getting gone,

Their promise, it trickled; like a day would a storm.

The moons gave their hollows, the seas their amends;

The dance was completed, their memory encased.

Many moons over, and many oceans beyond,

In the remains of a temple, under the rule of a dome—

The seas sang their praise; the shadows, their grief,

At last, there was quiet—this long sought-for peace.

There were a man and a woman, dancing to their heartbeats,

Destiny gave her thanks, and Sibil, his blessing—

And the oath—was etched to the memory of their reveries.

Oh Destiny © Michal Rotko

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