The Lonely God

There was once a madman

A ruler of the stars

God of all which is forsaken.

There was once a man wearing a crown

Withered petals adorning rusty metal;

A man on a never-ending run

Running and running, watching those stars die.

There was once a man holding a promise

Never to leave shattered glass;

Yet brought to losing count

Of how many fragments he withheld to last.

There was once a keeper of memories

Memories dissolved into stardust;

Keeping that powder in a wooden jar,

He withstood all moments in history.

There was a lonely man,

Living forever alone

Surrounded by blackness and creations

And all the stars from up above.

He held a jar full of wishes

Crushed into star-light;

Wishes of darkness, 

And a forgotten midnight.

There was a lonely man

Walking on memories;

Staring at a blackness

Still so bright.

There was once a man,

Promising me remedies;

But promises are so flammable now.

I knew once a man,

Always walking alone;

Never creating or breaking apart

Only keeping the universe on his own.

I knew once a man,

Important more than creation;

I knew once a man,

Cursed to be significant.

Stories were told

Of a man so wonderful;

Not a living soul has met him

Only darkness he beheld.

I’ve heard of this man,

A man so far off the edge of humanity

Only shadows could see him 

For what he truly is.

For shadows never hold a soul

Of a pure human being;

Made of pure darkness,

They were the only ones to catch his bidding.

I’ve been told of moments

When the stars would shift –

As a madman crossed the sky,

Collecting dust in a jar.

He told them of voices

Calling to assist;

A work never done,

He had nowhere to leave behind.

There was once a man

A saviour of time;

A man so great

None could be grateful.

There was once a man

A keeper, breaking a promise;

Letting the world fall to the ground.

There was once a man

Gathering shuttered glass;

Calling to the void,

Only darkness has called back.

There was once a man

Building and breaking stars;

Holding within a promise

A jar full of hearts.

Only heard through silence,

Seen through memories;

A man creating moments

Promising happy endings.

There was once a man

Not a saviour he would be;

But a man with a promise

And a jar of remedies.

The Lonely God © Michal Rotko

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